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Old South Military Antiques

Confederate 2nd Model LeMat
Item #: OS-6676

The LeMat "grapeshot” revolver was a highly prized sidearm among Confederate officers. There were less than 3,000 made for the Confederacy. It was a very high quality firearm and delivered an unprecedented amount of firepower. Having 9, .42 caliber charges rotating around one 20 gauge shotgun barrel. The hammer could be converted from striking the revolving pistol caps to striking the central shotgun cap with the flick of a thumb.

The weapon offered here is a Second Model. The most recognizable differences between the First and this Second Model, is the left side mounted loading lever assembly; the lack of a spur trigger guard and swivel lanyard ring.

The Second Model shown here is serial number 1899 and is marked ""Systeme LeMat Bte sgdg Paris”. Serial numbers are located on the cylinder, frame, barrel lug, shotgun rammer and rammer assembly. All of the numbers match. The revolver’s action is like new. The revolver has seen little use; all of the nipples are original and look like new, with the exception of one that has been dry fired. The two piece, checkered, walnut grips are still crisp, but not sharp. The LeMat markings are crisp and the barrel lines sharp. It still retains 95 plus % of its original blued finish, and the bores of both barrels are minty. This is one of the best Confederate LeMats known.
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