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Item #: OS-6698

  The CDV does not go with the group.

The sash and "shoulder straps” shown here belonged to the "Rebel General Foster” according the period document with the group. In full it reads: "Shoulder straps from the coat of Rebel general Foster of Missouri. Major Samuel K. Thompson arrested general Foster in the presence of several members of his staff without help and brought him into the Union camp while he was 1st Sergeant of the 1stKansas Cavalry. The shoulder straps and sash were presented to Major Thompson for his bravery by general Powell Clayton, at that time a Colonel of the 1st Kansas Cavalry. Loaned by Mrs. Walter Oakley”

Mrs. Oakley is mistaken, General Clayton had previously been Colonel of the 5thKansas Cavalry, and Samuel K. Thompson was serving under him in 1862. She was also incorrect that they are shoulder straps, they are Mexican War era or style, general officer’s collar insignia. This would indicate that the officer they were taken from had been in the Mexican War. Apparently the General had served in the Mexican War, and was using his old collar insignia as shoulder boards.

I can find no Confederate General Foster, so I presume that Foster was a Missouri State General. I have been unable to locate him in any of my resources, so his identity will have to remain hidden until a better researcher than I has a try at finding him.
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