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Old South Military Antiques

Palmetto Armory Musket
Item #: OS-6866

I have never considered myself an authority on the Palmetto Armory arms, but fortunately a friend of mine, Dr. Fred Novy, is considered the leading authority on the Palmetto arms by most in the collecting community. Therefore, I always defer to Fred’s knowledge on these arms. The following is a copy of Dr. Novy’s report on this particular musket:

This Palmetto musket is Good to Very Good overall and 100% original and genuine.

It is identified by matching barrel and breech plug marks.

In this case matching letters P from Springfield and matching punch marks undoubtedly applied

at a later time and no doubt Southern.


The Lock is Bright and very well struck with the "Spiral Tree" Palmetto Armory insignia which is clearly

visible with 7 fronds x 5 fronds and good leaflet detail.

On the lock tail there is a sharp COLUMBIA / S.C. 1852 stamping.

The lock works are all original and correct. The Lock action functions perfectly.


The Stock is Good to Very Good, solid, with dark American walnut without cartouches as you would expect.

The Buttplate is struck with a large "SC".

The unique 3 Palmetto Brass Barrel bands are very good with aged patina.


The Barrel is unrifled and unsighted which indicates that this Palmetto musket escaped William Glaze's

1861 alteration for .69 Minie ball.

Glaze altered 3,720 of his 6,000 Palmetto muskets in 1861 for the State of South Carolina.

The Breech of the barrel is marked with the Palmetto Armory "P / V / Palmetto Tree proofmark"

and on the left breech flat is a clear "Wm.GLAZE&CO." stamp.

Note that the P / V sequence is in error as the proper Federal marking is V / P but this error is common

in Palmetto Armory arms.

The Bayonet Lug is on top at the muzzle indicating that this 1842 musket took a Model 1816 bayonet

like the Palmetto Rifle.

In Summary, this is a Very Good example of the Model 1842 musket assembled by William Glaze

in fulfillment of his 1851 contract with the State of South Carolina which he completed in 1853.

This Palmetto Musket is original and genuine and is fully guaranteed.

FGN 13 FEB 2020

It would be difficult to find a better example. The musket will come with a copy of the report signed by Dr. Novy.

Not for Sale