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8th Georgia Infantry, Macon Guard Box
Item #: OS-6695

Henry J. Peter was born in New York City on December 12, 1940. By the age of twenty-one, he was a Georgian, and as such, he rushed to arms on April 15, 1861. His service was short, but not due to a faltering heart; he was shot through the thigh in the 8th’s bloody action at 1st Manassas on July 31, 1861, which fractured his femur. When he was finally removed from the battlefield, he was transported to the C.S.A. Hospital in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he lay until he was discharged on November 5, 1861. In May of 1869 Private Peter was instrumental in forming a veteran’s organization and having a reunion on July 21, 1870, on the anniversary of the 8th’s first battle, and Peter’s last.

He passed away on January 18, 1924. He lies today in Macon, Georgia’s Rose Hill Cemetery.

Private Peter’s cartridge box is engraved with a large "Macon Ga” and "H. Peter M.G” the M G standing for Macon Guard. The Macon Guard became Company C, 8th Georgia Infantry. What is left of the box is in good condition and remains flexible. The buckles were cut off, and the finial intentionally cut out, probably to make a fishing weight!


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