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Old South Military Antiques

C.S. Richmond Carbine
Item #: OS-6817

  There is not a crack above the lockplate, it is merely the end of the wood grain

  Beautiful Carbine

  No burnout or pitting at breech

  Richmond VA is light on the left side

  If only we knew who MDC was!

  Patina to die for

  Even the swivel is original

  Above and to the rear of the screw, there is a period repair that does not extend into the interior.

Samuel Robinson began making Sharps model carbines for the Confederate Government in December of 1862. Robinson completed just over 1900 guns before the C. S. Government bought him out in March of 1863.

The C. S. Government continued Robinson’s serial number range and produced roughly another 3500 carbines by the spring of 1864, when production ceased. The guns are nearly identical, only distinguished by the change in markings, which consisted of ceasing to use Robinson’s stamp, all other markings remained the same.

The .52 caliber carbine pictured here is serial number 4653. This carbine would have been manufactured in late summer or fall of 1863. The serial number is on the underside of the barrel, the lock, and the sling bar. The barrel, forward of the breech, is marked "Richmond, VA”.

These carbines were infamous for allowing powder to drop into the forearm cavity and accumulate until a wayward spark ignited the powder and it exploded, thus blowing up inside the forearm. This was addressed by cutting out a U-shaped channel in the back of the forearm to allow any excess powder to fall out. Guns with cut or exploded forearms are frequently encountered. This one has had a minor explosion inside the forearm, which only created a crack, just above and rear of the screw. It did not blow the chip out, merely cracked it and it was glued back at the time with hide glue. This is shown in the image of the underside of the forearm.

The carbine remains in very good, completely original condition. Every screw is original and all numbers match. The metal is smooth, with no pitting whatsoever. The rifling remains but is dirty and has some pitting. The gun has an overall pleasing patina. The stock has the unidentified owner’s initials "MDC” deeply carved on the face.

This is a bargain at $12,500.00.

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