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Old South Military Antiques

Rare Boyle & Gamble “V Guard” Foot Officer’s Sword
Item #: OS-6572

Boyle & Gamble of Richmond, Virginia was the Confederacy’s most prolific maker of officer’s swords and the company’s field and staff officer’s sword is easily the most recognized sword produced during the Confederate era. The firm made swords for retail sale as well as government contracts. The company also supplied their high quality officer’s swords for resale to jewelry and military outfitter, Mitchell & Tyler, located on Main Street in Richmond, Virginia.

This pattern, with a "V” in the counter guard is known as a foot officer’s sword. Officers ranking between Captain and 2ndLieutenant were authorized to carry one of the many foot officer patterns. Those officers ranking above Major were authorized to carry field and staff patterns (having a "CS” in the counterguard).

This "Flying V” is the rarest pattern, and most unique of the foot officer swords made by Boyle & Gamble.

At one time they were considered products of the Virginia Armory; they have been designated "Engineer” swords, and by some it has been thought that the "V” stood for Virginia. However, all we really know for certain is that the sword was made by Boyle & Gamble. Boyle & Gamble may have intended the "V” to represent Virginia, but I have been unable to track down any solid evidence to support this theory. As it stands in 2019 it is simply a very rare and attractive Boyle & Gamble "V Guard” Foot Officer’s Sword.

It is in absolutely beautiful condition; the grip is excellent and is missing only one chip out of the leather, the single strand brass wire is tight, the guard is tight and has a rich original patina. The blade has had the tip sharpened; the rest of the blade is completely original and remains semi bright. The etching is very faint but is discernable and features a First National flag. The blade does not have a single nick and even the original throat washer remains. Its original scabbard is perfection itself. It needs no more description, flawless!

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