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Old South Military Antiques

Texas Presentation Sword
Item #: OS-6469

  The Great Seal of TEXAS !

  Note the wear caused by extensive use of an over the shoulder sling with a frog scabbard

  The Liberty Cap, hoisted on a staff

  L. P. K. This man had to be a prominent Texan, do any of my Texas Collectors know who he is?

  The Presentation Plaque is mounted in the velvet liner

  The Ornate Presentation Case

  Notice the dove tailed corners

The beautiful sword shown here was made and marked by Ames Manufacturing. It is the stock "star” pattern Model 1850 staff sword that Ames produced and sold to multiple states, but into the presentation case is ornately carved the Seal of the Great State of Texas! This of course means that rather than just a stock "star” on the sword’s hilt, it is a Texas star. A gilted signature panel with the initials "L.P.K.” engraved is tacked to the underside of the lid. The sword was carried by some wealthy and/or prominent Texan with these initials. Perhaps some of my Texas readers will recognize who these belong to? If so, please let me know. The sword was made between 1850 and 1861 and I believe it was presented and/or worn in the later years and into the War because there is an extreme amount of wear where the scabbard slid through the leather frog (as shown in the images). I do not believe that a political officer or militia officer would have carried it enough for leather to have created this much wear, though admittedly this is an opinion.

The blade is elaborately etched with crossed flags surmounted by a liberty cap on a liberty pole; a droop winged eagle grasping arrows and holding a ribbon in its beak that is engraved E. Pluribus Unum; it is also etched with a panoply of arms and a panel engraved Ames Mnfg, Chicopee Mass. The blade’s luster and etching remains extremely bright and is perfect with the exception of two tiny, tiny edge nicks. The bone grip is ornately carved, the pommel is decorated with a plumed knight’s head and it has a gilted double chain hand guard. The blade and grip remain as tight as the day it was made.

The sword is sheathed in its original ornately engraved gilt brass scabbard. It is virtually perfect; the only imperfections are several light pushes in the brass near the drag and the before mentioned wear. The scabbard is beautifully engraved with foliate patterns and panels that look like Army of Tennessee flags, though they could not be unless this was made during the War, and I do not believe that it was.

The most remarkable piece is the ornately carved presentation case. I have never seen another presentation case that would compare and I know of no other with a state seal relief carved on the lid. The case and its plush red velour like lining are in near perfect condition with the exception of one missing pull knob.

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of history I have had the privilege to own.
Price $15,500.00 USD