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Old South Military Antiques

Texas/Mississippi Confederate Sword Belt
Item #: OS-6421

This round belt loop design and concentric ring wreath is a Confederate era, original pattern as opposed to a pre-war pattern. These die stamped buckles were only made during the early War. I have examined photographs of both Texas and Mississippi soldiers wearing this pattern.

The same company who manufactured this belt and buckle with a five pointed star decorating the central disc also made identical belts with the letters W. A. on the tongue disc which stood for New Orleans Washington Artillery and one with the letters CS, for Confederate States on the disc and a third pattern that bore the Louisiana state seal.

What we know: these are a Confederate design that was only produced during the War. What we believe: these were made by Thomas, Griswold & Company of New Orleans, Louisiana. What I believe: that the ones intended for Texans were often made with the star pointing down; ones made for Mississippians were made with the star pointing up. This is because I have found that if you study Texas flags or photography you will find that the Texans usually viewed the star with the point down; pointing to Bethlehem or to Texas herself! This can be seen in the accompanying photograph. You will notice that the photo of the soldier shows the buckle with the star pointing downward. However this delineation cannot be considered conclusive.

This is a patent leather belt over a heavy web core which gives it strength and flexibility. It is strong enough to wear. It still retains its original sword hanger.

This example is well used, showing a lot of wear and several light dings, but it otherwise flawless!

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