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Old South Military Antiques

Mississippi Cartridge Box Plate Important New Information!
Item #: OS-6444

  The face detail is as nice as a non excavated example

  Note that the loops are still intact.

I have been contacted by a well known relic hunter who told me:
"Your Mississippi Plate was dug by Raleigh Cassidy in the 1960’s across from Adams Farm (Cold Harbor) in a hospital pit along with several other US buckles and plates. Several medical items were also dug. I was there when he dug this plate. He may have sold it to Dave Marks, not sure."

With War looming on the horizon, the Mississippi legislature authorized the raising of State troops and designated $150,000.00 to arm and equip the new troops. Mississippi was able to purchase 900 waist belt plates and matching cartridge box plates from Emerson Gaylord of Chicopee, Massachusetts in late 1860 or early in 1861. Gaylord also supplied plates for Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Maryland and Virginia.

The excavated Mississippi cartridge box plate shown here looks as if it could be a be a battlefield pickup, meaning that it could have been found before the advent of metal detectors. It is obvious that it has been on the ground, but does not appear to have been in the ground. This is the finest Mississippi box plate that I have ever seen. The plate’s face detail remains crisp more than one hundred and fifty years after it was lost; both the lines and the stippling are virtually perfect. It is a perfect face and a perfect back; so crisp and clean is the face, that from the front it appears non-excavated.

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