Old South Military Antiques

Round South Carolina Waist Belt Plate
Item #: OS-7564

This waist belt plate bears the state seal of South Carolina. South Carolina was an old and prosperous state prior to the War. As such, she was able to equip her volunteer army with the finest of accoutrements. There are three variations of the round South Carolina plate: the most common, the breastplate, the cartridge box plate and the rarest the waist belt plate, like that shown here.

The round South Carolina plates were based on the U.S. pattern 1826 breastplate. The plate was made by die stamping sheet brass with the state seal.

According to Confederate Buckles and Plates, Expanded Edition, "immediately preceding the war, brass wire belt hooks became popular on commercial plates.” There is an example shown in the book of a round South Carolina N.C.O. plate with the mentioned brass wire hooks, but there was no known extant example to put in the book of a waist belt plate of the same type. And as far as I can determine, this is the only known example of an actual waist belt of this pattern.

With the exception of a slight wear and outer rim dents, shown in the picture, this example is in perfect, pristine condition.