Old South Military Antiques

Courtney and Tennent Naval Cutlass
Item #: OS-7022

Military outfitters William Courtney and Gilbert Tennent were both doing business in Charleston, South Carolina during the decade before the War. Fortunately, up until 1861 the company was named Courtney, Tennent & Company and in 1865 the name changed to W. C. Courtney & Company. It was only during the War years that the company’s name appears as Courtney & Tennent. Because of this their War date products can be readily identified. It was during these War years that Courtney & Tennent supplied swords of various patterns, and buttons to the Confederate Navy. Courtney & Tennent did not manufacture arms; instead, they purchased military supplies wholesale from England and resold them at retail in Charleston, South Carolina. Though they did not make them, the swords that they sold to the Confederate Navy are readily identifiable by the Courtney & Tennent dealer’s mark stamped into their sword’s ricasso. The swords that they sold to the Confederacy are as rare, or rarer than many Confederate manufactured swords.

There are original, unmarked English manufactured swords readily available on the antique arms market and many have had fraudulent Courtney & Tennent importation marks added to them by counterfeiters. Fortunately, the originals are easily discernible from the spurious by anyone familiar with original Courtney & Tennent markings.

The pressed leather grips are in excellent condition and remain tight. The blade has an undisturbed smooth chocolate patina. There are no edge nicks, nor has it been re-pointed. The Courtney & Tennent marking is excellent!