Cavalry Officer's Frock Coat


Description and Photograph




     This double breasted frock coat is cut in the finest style.  The cadet gray coat is made of wool kersey imported through the blockade from England.  It is made from the same material as late war Confederate Quartermaster issue jackets, but this coat was made by a skilled tailor.  The coat is outlined with yellow piping around the upper collar seam and down the front edges on both sides.  There is even yellow piping outlining the rear pocket flaps.

     There is a 3/4 inch strip of yellow wool extending ten inches from cuff to elbow on each arm.  This strip is outlined with a herringbone gold metallic lace, ending in a gold trefoil.

     The coat has a strip of gold braid sewn to each side of the collar.  This single bar of collar braid and the coat’s yellow trimmings denote it as having belonged to a Second Lieutenant of Cavalry.  The coat has an inner pocket set into the left breast.  There are also two pockets set into the tail.  Both the breast pocket and the tail pockets are lined with cotton.

     The coat is in excellent condition inside and out.  The coat is missing the lower left button.  All of the eagle staff officer’s buttons are original to the coat.  The coat’s interior is as good as the exterior.

    This exact coat is pictured on page 263 of Collecting the Confederacy.  It also graces the front cover of the same book with Jeb Stuart’s presentation sword laying across its breast.

     The coat is in extraordinarily good condition, inside and out.   Because it is so extraordinary, it has been on extended loan to a major Civil War Museum in Richmond, Virginia and it will require 30 days after sale to remove it from public display.  I have examined more than one hundred uniforms, but this is only the second I have seen with original yellow cavalry trimmings.          




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