Confederate Infantry

Half Plate Ambrotype



Description and Photograph



     This large, half plate size, image is one of the truly remarkable Confederate images to have survived.  Half plate images of Confederate officers are extremely rare, but images of Confederate infantrymen in the large format are almost non-existent.  This solemn Rebel infantryman is dressed in a Confederate issued shell jacket and pants.  His buttons are gilted.  His accoutrement belt carries a percussion cap box, a bayonet scabbard and a revolver.  His bayonet is locked onto his model 1842 musket.  The detail in his face, hands, weapons and belt are extraordinary.  His face and beard and the veins in his hands stand out in perfect detail.

     The image case is made of leather covered wood.  The spine is unbroken and the push button latch works perfectly.

     This is beyond a doubt one of the best quality, best detail and best content half plate ambrotypes in existence.



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