"Richmond, Va. 1865"


Description and Photograph



     “Richmond, Va. 1865”.  That short phrase tells quite a story.  We can surmise that the knife was captured by a Yankee invader in the first days of April as the Confederate Army withdrew from Richmond.

     While it is impossible to say with certainty, it may be that this is a Boyle & Gamble manufactured knife.  It does have several similarities to Boyle & Gamble products though their products are not typically as well finished as this knife, but I have seen several atypical Boyle & Gamble knives of similar quality.  

     The Bowie is seventeen inches long.  Its scabbard is made of painted tin.  The orange paint was probably originally red, but has turned orange with age.  This seems to commonly occur with red paint of the era.  The knife’s captor added the history in gold paint. 

     The knife is completely original and it is in nearly new condition.  The blade retains its original luster, it has never been sharpened or cleaned and the knife’s original scabbard is perfect.                                                                            

     This is the actual knife shown on page 155 of Collecting the Confederacy.



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