Two Piece Belt Buckle


Description and Photograph





     There is enough evidence to be near certain that this two piece belt buckle was made in New Orleans, Louisiana between late 1860 and April, 1862.  The rounded belt loops and the wreath with concentric circles is a purely Confederate era design.  It is generally assumed that it was manufactured by Thomas, Griswold & Company.  The same company also made two piece buckles with a die-struck Louisiana state seal disc as well as one bearing the letters WA which stood for New Orleans’ famed Washington Artillery and one with the letters CS struck into it’s disc.

     Though they are very rare, it is likely that some of these buckles were used by both Texas and Mississippi officers because both states used a star as their unofficial state seal.  There is a surviving photograph of Captain Edward Currie of Company I, 1st Texas Infantry, wearing this pattern buckle.

     The buckle is made of sand cast brass with a die-struck star device soldered to the tongue bar.  It retains much of its original gilt.  The buckle is perfect.                               



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