Artillery Officer's Frock Coat


Description and Photograph





     The cadet gray, double breasted officer’s frock coat shown here is piped in red to denote the wearer’s branch of service.  There are three rows of gold braid on each collar denoting the rank of a Confederate Captain.  Louisiana state seal buttons with Horstmann back marks adorn the breast, the cuffs and the tails.  One breast button and one tail button are missing.  The quality of the materials used in the coat’s construction and the tailored cut indicate that the coat was made for an officer in one of New Orleans’ artillery units.  Based on other surviving examples of the Washington Artillery’s uniforms, it is almost certain that this coat was worn by a Captain of the elite Washington Artillery of New Orleans.  (See page 116 and 117 of the Confederate edition of Echoes of Glory or page 31 of A Catalogue of Uniforms in the Collection of The Museum of The Confederacy)

     The coat is lined with a dark green cotton/wool mixture.  The lining is complete and in very good condition.  The breast and tail pockets are lined with cotton osnaburg.  The sleeves are lined with white cotton shirting. 

     Though there is a little bit of moth damage, the coat is in excellent condition inside and out.  The coat is completely original as made and has not had, nor does it need, any restoration.                                                              

     The die stamped, Louisiana tongue and wreath officer’s belt that is shown with the uniform is also a War era New Orleans product.  This style plate is sometimes found bearing the letters WA on the central disc.  The belt is in like new condition with the exception of the missing sword hangers.  The belt is also available and can be purchased for $10,500.00.



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