Description and Photograph




     Every Confederate soldier that carried a gun had to have a waterproof cap box to store and protect a supply of percussion caps.  A firearm without a cap was useless.  All over the South, contractors sought to fill the need.  Unlike their Union counterparts, which were virtually identical, Confederate cap boxes came in assorted sizes and materials.  To the modern collector, the most desirable of all Confederate percussion cap boxes is the box with CS impressed into the face.

     Confederate accoutrements having the CS impressment are exceedingly rare and are eagerly sought after by collectors for their visual appearance, but Confederate manufacturers were more concerned with functionality than appearance and very, very few have the CS impressment.  So few, that I am sure that I have seen no more than ten of these rare boxes in my life.

     This particular example has had the belt loop restored long ago.  The body, the flap, the impressment and the finial are original and it still retains its original wool static protector and a couple of percussion caps inside.  The body and impressment are extremely nice. 




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