Description and Photograph




     This 17 ¼ inch clip-point Bowie knife is published in Confederate Bowie Knives by Phillips and Melton.  As noted in the book, the knife is a Confederate copy of the U.S. Model 1849 Rifleman’s Knife made by Ames.

     The bird’s head grip is made of two, brass-pinned slabs, the head of which is cut for a lanyard.  The cross guard is made of brass.  The oversized, finely shaped clip-point blade has a reverse edge running the spine for about half of its length.

     The knife was extremely well made by someone who knew the art.  The form fitted, tooled leather scabbard is of the same quality as the knife.  Both remain in extraordinary condition and have eye appeal to an uncommon degree.  The letters “DC” are carved into the belt loop.




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