Description and Photograph




     This massive nineteen inch knife having a four inch reverse edge is sheathed in a “form fitted” wooden scabbard.  I put the form fitted in quotes, because the craftsman who made them gave the outside of the scabbard a reverse edge.  The knife is very well made using an iron S guard and a fruitwood, one piece grip with an iron pommel cap.  The grip remains as tight as when it was new.  The scabbard is even more incredible than the knife; the scabbard is made of two slats of what I think is walnut.  The slats are joined by wooden dowels and furnished with a pewter tip and throat.  The knife and scabbard are in virtually new condition and have not had any type of restoration or alteration.

     It is a superb example of the ingenuity of the Southern people.  This is another finest of the fine, Old South Antique. 




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