Description and Photograph





    This style is known as a “Standard” fixed tongue, frame buckle.  Collectors have always referred to fixed tongue, waist belt buckles like the one shown here as “Georgia Frames”, but there is no more likelihood that it was made in Georgia than Alabama or Virginia.  I am certain this moniker evolved erroneously among early collectors due to the few examples that were marked McELROY & HUNT MACON GA.  Referring to them as Georgia Frames implies that a preponderance of them are associated with Georgia troops.  This is not the case; various examples of these fixed tongue frame buckles with provenance indicate that these were manufactured and used in all theaters.  These buckles held up well and were cheap to make.  No doubt many tens of thousands of fixed tongue, frame buckles were manufactured and used of various forms and sizes. This one is finished on the facing side, and has a “gutter” or trough around the backside to reduce the material required to produce it and to make it lighter.

     There was a tag on this buckle of relatively modern vintage that stated that it was excavated near Gettysburg, however this cannot be substantiated.  All that can be said for certain is that it is a perfect excavated specimen.




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