CS Marked Cap Box


Description and Photograph



      Every Confederate soldier that carried a gun had to have a waterproof cap box to store and protect a supply of percussion caps.  A firearm without a cap was useless.  All over the South, contractors sought to fill the need.  Unlike their Union counterparts, which were virtually identical, Confederate cap boxes came in assorted sizes and materials.

     Confederate accoutrements having the CS came two ways, one with an impressment and one with an embossment. (This is but the difference between an inney and an outey) Both are exceedingly rare and are eagerly sought after by collectors for their visual appearance.  There are a couple of variations on the impressment, but this pattern is the only box with a CS embossment. 

    So rare are these that I am sure that I have seen no more than five of these rare boxes in my life.  I sold this very box nearly twenty years ago and I have never had another between then and now.   I am searching for these fine artifacts nearly every day of my life and yet I have gone nearly twenty years without another.   Hopefully this well illustrates the rarity of this pattern.

    There can be no better example of this pattern in existence; it may be equaled somewhere, but it cannot be exceeded. It is perfectly flawless!



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