Only known Image of Rare Revolver Maker      


Description and Photograph




     Among the rarest of Confederate weapons is the revolver made by William Schneider and Frederick Glassick of Memphis, Tennessee.  At the time of the War the two were operating at 20 Jefferson Street.  After the War, William Schneider continued in the gun trade at 42 Washington Street.  Frederick Glassick moved to 250 Main Street and continued in the gun trade.  Because of this business change we can date this image to approximately to 1868, by which time Frederick Glassick had moved to 250 Main Street, Memphis.  I think this is from that post War period because the photographer was located across the street from Glassick’s gun shop at 249 Main Street.  It is possible that he had it done during the War and then later moved, but I think that unlikely.  It is not signed by Frederick Glassick because the image has the name in period ink “Fr Glasick, along the bottom, and obviously Glassick did not misspell his own name.

     The pictures accurately show the condition of the CDV.  




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