Large, Unique Excavated

       Forked Tongue Waist Belt Buckle      


Description and Photograph




     The Confederate States General Issue, Forked Tongue Waist Belt Buckle is made of sand cast brass and measures 64 x 97 mm.  It is the largest of the three sizes and was produced as early as 1861 by Confederate Governmental contract.

     Because this plain buckle was so easy to make and use, they saw widespread use, much more so than the buckles with the letters CS found thereon.  These were made and used in quantity in every theatre.  In excavated condition these buckles are one of the most commonly found Confederate general issue buckles, but because they had not the “magic CS” letters they were not often put away by their owners or captors as souvenirs.  These were so useful on the farm to repair harness or to strap something together that their belts were used up and the buckle set aside or discarded.  I once excavated one along the base of a collapsed barn where it had been hung on the wall of the barn prior to its disintegration.

     This particular Forked Tongue Belt Buckle has a feature that I have never seen in any other Forked Tongue Frame Buckle, the maker made an attempt at ornamentation by carving ridges in the tongue mold which when used and poured left decorative lines in the tongue.  I even looked through Dr. Lon Kiem’s wonderful book on Confederate Accoutrement Plates and could not find an attempt at decoration on a single example in any of the three sizes.

     The buckle has an exceptionally deep, dark patina with a green tint and retains its body curve.  In its category, it simply cannot get any better.   $695.00  Plus $20.00 Fed Ex shipping.




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