Confederate Carbine Sling     


Description and Photograph




    The Confederate manufactured carbine sling shown here is one of the true rarities in Confederate cavalry accoutrements.  The sling utilizes a cast brass buckle with a single tongue, riveted to the thick leather.  It lacks the batwing tip found on Federal slings.  The swivel snap is unlike English or Federal snaps.  It is a combination of hand and machine made parts.  The keeper spring is weak, but not broken.  Otherwise it is in perfect condition. 

     The belt and buckle are also perfect with the exception of the small chip taken out, which  is shown in the pictures, but as you can see it is still plenty strong; that is a twelve gauge shotgun hanging from it unsupported in another image.  

     These are so rare that this is only the third purely Confederate made carbine sling that I have encountered.                   




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