Kenansville Cavalry Sabre       


Description and Photograph




     This sword was manufactured at the Confederate States Armory in Kenansville, North Carolina.  The name implies that the armory was a Confederate government facility.  Despite its official sounding name, the Armory was independently owned and operated by Louis Froelich. 

     The sword shown here is known as Kenansville’s Second Model.  The sword’s guard and the scabbard’s throat are each marked with the Roman numeral II.  Matching Roman numerals on the throat and guard are a hallmark of Louis Froelich’s Kenansville swords.

     The sword’s leather grip wrap and wire wrap are in excellent, original condition.  In fact the grip retains its original patent finish, which is virtually unheard of.  The blade has not been cleaned; it has remained this clean since new.  The sword’s original scabbard does not have a single dent and the flaw in the throat is just that, a manufacturing flaw. This example is as close as one can get to seeing a Kenansville sword in the same condition as when it left the Armory.

     The leather sword knot appears to be original to the sword.  All cavalry sabers were originally equipped with sword knots, but few survived.  The sword knot slipped over the cavalryman’s wrist so that if the sword was wrenched from his hand while impaling the enemy at a gallop, he would not lose the sword.                                 

     Collecting the Confederacy, Artifacts and Antiques from The War Between the States has all of page 106 devoted to this exact sword.




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