Columbus Naval Iron Works D-Guard       


Description and Photograph




     The D-guard knife shown here was made at the Columbus, Georgia Naval Iron Works.  There are several known variations of knives/swords that were made at the Naval Iron Works.  The most common and well known of these is a cutlass that utilizes the identical blade and wooden grip pattern as that shown here, but with an S shaped cross guard made of either brass or iron.  This is the first however, that uses the identical grip and blade as the more common cutlass, in conjunction with a D style guard.

     The D-guard is definitely not a post-production addition; this is the way it left the Iron Works.  This is the second D-guard known to have been made at the Columbus Naval Iron Works, but these two are different.  I speculate that the Iron Works was experimenting with producing D-guards in mass, and that each of these two are prototypes.

     There is a small amount of loose play in the guard and there is a crack in the wooden grip, but the grip is in no danger of splitting further that it has.    The blade is in stellar condition; it remains smooth and semi bright from ricasso to point.  There is no doubt that this cutlass remains in its original configuration; it has not been cleaned, repaired or altered in any way.       

     This massive D-guard measures twenty-four inches from pommel to point making it among the largest known D-guards and its maker is well established.   I believe this makes it a bargain at $2,995.00.




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