Nashville Plow Works Cavalry Officer’s Sword             


Description and Photograph




      The Nashville Plow Works, operated by Messrs. Sharp and Hamilton, produced farm implements prior to the War.  With the coming of the War, the proprietors rightly guessed that farm equipment would not be selling in the near future and converted their shop to the production of swords, taking the Biblical injunction "melt your plowshares into swords...." (Joel 3:10) quite literally.  The Nashville Plow Works continued operation until Union forces took Nashville on April 1, 1862.  At this time, the proprietors of the firm were charged with treason and arrested, thus effectively ending the firm's existence.
     The number of sabers produced by the Nashville Plow Works is unknown.  However, based on the number of pieces that still exist, it can be surmised that Sharp & Hamilton turned out a relatively large quantity of cavalry officer’s swords before they were captured by Union troops.  These weapons are distinct in character, having the firm's name and "CSA" cast in their brass guards.

     The example shown here is typical of their work.  The “Nashville Plow Works” casting is better than average, but its condition is only average.  It is completely original and unaltered, and the grip wrap and wire are in excellent condition, but the blade is dark (though un-pitted or nicked).  The scabbard is the original, correct scabbard with boat throat, nickel sized carrying rings and “V” edged brass drag.  The scabbard has numerous dings and dents and one small hole at the reverse side drag.

     This is a good, representative example of this highly desirable pattern.




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