Rare Coarse Web Confederate Rifle or Carbine Sling         


Description and Photograph




     This sling is an example of the very rare coarse, web sling.  It is much rarer than its more common linen sling.  It not only differs in weave, it uses a brass knapsack hook as an adjuster rather than the common iron wire keeper.

     The blockaded South suffered a severe leather shortage.  In order to relieve this shortage and direct available leather towards shoes, which Stonewall was using up at an unprecedented rate, rifle slings were made from cotton.  Due to the blockade, cotton was in great supply.  Making the most of what was at hand, two-inch linen was folded double and hand stitched down each edge.  Small amounts of leather were then sewn on to form the end loop and adjustment strip.  A doubled iron wire keeper was then sewn onto the end to serve as adjuster.  The completed product was totally Confederate made and was serviceable.

     It is often assumed that the differing lengths of a carbine and a rifle-musket would require different length slings, but though the carbine and rifle-musket lengths differ greatly, the sling swivels are approximately the same distance apart.

     This rare example is in excellent condition throughout and would make an attractive addition to the finest Confederate rifle or carbine. 




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