Battle of Youngs Branch


Description and Photograph



   The book here shown was written by T.B. Warder and James M. Catlett and was printed in 1862 by the Richmond, Virginia based “Enquirer Book and Job Press” The bookplate reads “Geo. W. Taylor’s Book Ches & Ohio Rwy Charlottesville”

    I believe this George Taylor was a seventeen year old clerk when the War broke out. On April 17th, 1861 he enlisted at Manassas in what would become Company H, 17th Virginia Infantry. He was initially rejected due to his age, but upon appeal was allowed to stay.  Unfortunately his constitution did not hold up.  He was furloughed sick at “Plains Station, Manassas Gap, Virginia” on October 15th 1861 and was in the hospital in November and was still ill in December.  The following month he went AWOL to his home and never returned.  Eventually he was listed as a deserter. I am unable to find any record of him later, and it is likely he never recovered from his illness.

    His 6.25 by 4 inch book is in good condition and is one of the few that is still complete with its original maps.  The images show the conditions better than I can describe them other than to say that the string binding remains strong and intact.  The maps are 15.5 by 11.25 inches and 20.5 by 19.5 inches.  If the two separated pieces of the larger map are placed together and framed, it would be virtually invisible.




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