Confederate Tower Enfield Rifle


Description and Photograph




     Most of the arms purchased by Confederate Agent Caleb Huse were the pattern 1853 Rifle Musket.  Shown here is the rarer and more desirable pattern 1856 two band Enfield rifle made by Tower in 1861. 

     Unfortunately, most of these arms cannot be distinguished from their Yankee imported brethren.  However, some can be positively identified as Confederate imports.  These Confederate marked and used guns can still be found occasionally.  This is one of those rare marked guns, in fact this one is extremely well marked; it has the JS Anchor symbol of John Southgate* and the Confederate inventory number 4280 stamped into the bottom of the stock, the large S on the comb of Scott and Sons, stock makers, Birmingham.  These marks are found only on Confederate rifles, rifle muskets and Kerr revolvers.  They are exclusively Confederate in origin.

     The gun is one hundred percent original, and with the exception of the broken nipple, and missing sling swivels it is in very good, no burnout, no pitting, totally untouched, condition. 

* See Will the Real Mr. Southgate Please Stand Up by Captain Steve Knott




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