Twice Published Georgia Enfield


Description and Photograph




    This Enfield Rifle Musket was purchased by the state of Georgia to equip her state troops.  The “G” stamped into the right face of the stock indicates that the weapon was owned by the state of Georgia.  There are two sizes of the Georgia marking; this is the larger of the two stamps.  There are only a handful of the large “G” Georgia marked Barnett Enfields, but all have the same markings as the one shown here.  Besides the “G”, the bottom of the butt plate is stamped with the Confederate inventory number 2696.  One usually expects to find engraved numbers on Confederate Enfields, but the “G” marked Barnett is the exception; all surviving examples have stamped numbers.  The weapon also has the “CHI” Caleb Huse inspected cartouche on the comb, but the stamp is light.

     This rifle musket was delivered by the Economist, to the State of Georgia on March 12, 1862.  The Georgian who carried this weapon is unknown, but it appears he took advantage of the “G” by adding his last two initials behind the “G”.  Other than a few minor bumps and bruises the wood is crisp and has sharp edges.  There is virtually no burnout at the breech.  It appears that the rear sight has been put back on at some point and the ramrod is a reproduction.  The metal is smooth with the exception of light pitting at the breech.

     The gun is very well marked and in very good condition.  The gun is so rare and the markings so good that this same gun was used on page 187 of Shannon Pritchard’s Collecting the Confederacy and on page 26 of Captain Steve Knott’s fine book, The Confederate Enfield.




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