Sixth Plate with Star on Cap   


Description and Photograph




     I have not put an image on this site for quite a while.  Not because I lost interest, but my tastes have become so refined that I very seldom find the clarity and content that I desire.  In this sixth plate ambrotype I have satisfied my desire in both content and clarity.  The image is crystal clear and has very good contrast.  The content is quite striking as well; the young man, just old enough to grow a silken mustache sits with a second lieutenantís cap on his lap that has a five pointed star sewn to the front.  The star device was widely used by both Texans and Mississippians during the War, but you will notice in the photos that the star is pointing downward.  If you study Texas flags or photography you will find that the Texans usually viewed the star with the point down; as in pointing to Bethlehem or to Texas herself!  The imageís desirable content does not stop with the star device; the lieutenant also holds a .44 caliber Colt Army Revolver across his breast.  He wears a two piece waist belt buckle and a regulation enlisted shell jacket and dark trousers.  His distinguished air and the checked shirt, bowtie and white collar he wears strongly suggest he is from the genteel class.

     The ambrotype is housed in a 100% perfect gutta-percha case that has a hunting scene on its covers. 




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