Palmetto Armory Rifle


Description and Photograph




     I do not consider myself competent to properly judge the arms made by the Palmetto Armory in Columbia, South Carolina.  The Palmetto Armory rifle shown here was part of noted collector Dr. Frederick G. Novy’s collection.   Dr. Novy has made a decade’s long study of Palmetto Armory products and is recognized as the most knowledgeable collector of the company’s weapons of all time.  

     Regarding the rifle shown here, I quote excerpts from his letter:

     “In my opinion this Palmetto rifle has been together as an original unit, since it was assembled by William Glaze in Columbia, SC in 1853.  The lock is original and well struck.  Both markings; the Palmetto Armory logo and the Columbia 1852 lines are clear.  The stock is original with the unique Glaze feature that the patch box was never drilled for a spare cone. 
     The stock has been sanded and oiled in a pleasing manner.  The buttplate is original, the barrel is original and has the unique tapered muzzle with the top mounted bayonet lug and the rearward positioned front sight.  Pitting in the breech area has destroyed the barrel markings. (the barrel can still be identified as original because of the taper)  The bore has been worn to about .60 caliber but traces of the original 7 groove rifling can still be seen.

     In conclusion: 
     In my opinion this Palmetto rifle has sustained common heavy "rode hard and put away wet" usage over these many years.  But it is nonetheless a fine example of original SC Palmetto rifle
which I am proud to say was in my collection for a time.
     Dr. Frederick G. Novy”

     I personally guarantee Dr. Novy’s description to be accurate in all regards.   

     There is a name carved into the stock face, which appears to be W.T. Wright.  I have included a close up of the name so that you can make your own mind up.  No addition to the cost has been made for the identification, as I cannot guarantee 100% that I have made it out correctly, but I think that I have.  There was only one W.T. Wright from South Carolina that served in the Confederate Army:  William Thomas Wright, Company F, 18th South Carolina Infantry.  




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