South Carolina Waist Belt Plate        


Description and Photograph




     This belt plate bears the State Seal of South Carolina.  South Carolina was an old and prosperous state prior to the War.  As such, she was able to equip her volunteer army with the finest of accoutrements.  There are more variations of the South Carolina waist belt, cartridge box and breastplate than there are of any other state in the Confederacy.

     The vast majority of South Carolina State Seal plates were worn by the upper echelons of society, planters and merchantís sons, politicians and gentlemen of leisure.  These were not just Sunday soldiers though, these men made up the earliest regiments of volunteers and later many of them made up the officerís corps.   

     There are several variations of panel plates with attached palmetto devices.  This one is made of thick sheet brass with a cast palmetto soldered to its face.  The state seal plates were worn before, during and after the War, but the stud belt keepers and the broad based adjustment hook positively date this example to the ante bellum period.




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