Confederate Holster with History  


Description and Photograph




    Not only does this beautiful russet holster sized for a .36 fit like a glove, it has a great recorded history.   The holster has a paper label affixed to it that has the word “antietam” (for us Southerners that would be Sharpsburg) and the number “83” applied in ink.  There is also a repeat of the “83” recorded on the holster’s leather in ink.  There was a relatively new tag on the holster that identified the “83” as the Oxford, Pennsylvania Grand Army of the Republic Post.  Oxford is to the east of Gettysburg.

     Even without the battle history that is recorded on the holster it would be instantly recognizable as a Confederate holster because of its russet color, combined with the latch tab and buckle and its open toe.  In other words, it could not possibly have a better Confederate pedigree.

     Its condition is stellar; I have never had a better one in over thirty years looking.  It is perfection, soft and supple, strong in strap and thread; impeccable in history.  If you have a special Navy sized revolver, this is the perfect special holster to set it off.                          




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