Type III Morse Carbine #751 


Description and Photograph




     This attractive .50 caliber carbine was manufactured by the State Military Work in Greenville, South Carolina under the Morse patent.  The weapon was far ahead of its time.  Too far it seems as cartridge manufacture techniques lagged behind.  The problems of securing enough of its center fire metallic cartridges proved insurmountable.  The Morse carbineís breech can only be opened with the hammer cocked.  Often, inexperienced people will try and open the breech without cocking the hammer, when it does not easily yield, they pull harder.  Bad idea.  The breech cover snaps at the thin point just in front of the hinge.  That act was committed against this otherwise really nice carbine.  This gunís breech cover was snapped just in front of the hinge and has been very nicely put back together.  The repair is shown in the images.

     The carbine is in very good condition and has a pleasing, even, patina.  It is completely original, even the ramrod and cleaning jag are original.  The operation is smooth; the wood is smooth and nearly nick free.  The barrel is smooth with no pitting whatsoever and still has excellent rifling.

     I want to take this opportunity to recommend The Confederate Morse Carbine, Myth vs. Reality, by Peter Schiffers.  The book is very well written and informative, and loaded with new research.  (Peter even went so far as to shoot test patterns with original carbines and provides the results; fascinating stuff for the shooter!)

     It can be purchased at: https://gunandswordcollector.com/product/confederate-morse-carbine/




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