Richmond, Virginia Made Belt


Description and Photograph





     Because this style of buckle has a strong association with many of Richmond, Virginia’s personages and sword manufacturers, it is surmised, and quite reasonably so, by collectors and historians to have been produced in the Capitol of the Confederacy.  You will readily see the similarities between this style two piece buckle and the “Script CS”, for example, the very finely detailed letters, the beveled bars connecting the buckle to the belt loops, the thin border around the tongue disc and the stepped tongue bar.  Both styles are made with finer detail than your common CS two piece buckle.

     The belt is strong and supple but the owner accidentally broke the belt on the return side of the belt loop.  Because of where it broke, the break cannot be seen unless you unbuckle it and turn it over.  I have repaired the break so that now the belt is complete. 

The break is shown in the pictures if you look carefully.  The adjustment slide still remains with the belt.  It had hangers and an over the shoulder strap, but they were intentionally removed long ago.

     The buckle is exceptionally attractive and retains its natural patina.  The belt still remains in its original russet color and it has good deep tool lines along its borders.




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