Captain Hugh Boneís

Boyle & Gamble


Description and Photograph





     The Boyle & Gamble Foot Officerís Sword shown here is in extraordinarily fine condition.  Its grip is perfect, its etching is in nearly new condition, and its scabbard is perfect.  The blade is etched with Confederate Second National flags, panoply of arms with CSA in a shield, flowers and scrolled vines.  It also has a name etched into a presentation panel; that of H.Bone.  This was Captain Hugh Bone of the Ettrick Company, Hoodís Battalion Virginia Reserves.  An August 63 return shows him commanding a 62 man company of detailed men.  It is interesting to note that even this late the men were issued knapsacks.  In 1860 Bone was the 36 year old superintendent of the Ettrick Manufacturing Company.

     The men of Hoodís Battalion became actively engaged on June 15 of 1864 when Butler attacked Petersburg in support of Grantís Overland Campaign.  On this date three thousand Confederates held off sixteen thousand Yankees.  Though Hood was taken prisoner at Battery Number 5, his men remained active in the defense of the besieged city for the remainder of the War.

     This is one of the finest Boyle & Gamble Foot Officerís swords in existence and is positively identified to a Virginia officer.  Comes with Captain Boneís and Major Hoodís records.




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