Boyle & Gamble Cavalry Sword


Description and Photograph




    This light cavalry officer’s sword was made in Richmond, Virginia by renowned sword makers, Edwin Boyle and Thomas Gamble.

     I believe this is an officer’s version of the company’s sword pattern as they transitioned from Boyle, Gamble and Macfee to Boyle & Gamble.  I am led to this conclusion because its scabbard is a high grade metal copy of the early Boyle, Gamble Macfee leather scabbard.  The hilt is the same as found on the company’s later enlisted cavalry swords.

     The sword is in nearly pristine condition.  It comes from the collection of a man that has spent the last forty years aggressively seeking the finest Boyle & Gamble swords in existence and this is the best of this pattern that he found in those forty years.  This is the best of the best and rarest of the rare!       




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