Confederate States Navy Knife


Description and Photograph





     The massive knife shown here has the distinctive hilt of the Confederate States Navy cutlass thought to have been made by Frederick Heyer on Richmond, Virginia’s Navy Hill.

     Over the years, several of these cutlass’ hilts have been excavated along the banks of the James River in Richmond.  I am unaware of field recoveries in any other locale.  To my mind, this indicates that the cutlasses were made in Richmond, Virginia and were issued only to those sailors stationed with the James River Squadron.

     This is the only known example in this Bowie knife configuration.  The extremely heavy, spear-pointed, double edged blade appears to have been made from a shortened version of the company’s cutlass.  The hilt is the exact same used in the manufacture of their swords as evidenced by the knuckle bow slot in the pommel.

     The knife measures sixteen inches in length and is extremely heavy due to the thickness of the well-formed blade.  An iron cross guard separates the hilt from the blade.  The hilt has an attractive even patina that has never been cleaned.  In short, it is flawless!              




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