Louisiana Sword Belt


Description and Photograph





     This model 1851 sword belt plate bears the Louisiana State Seal, a mother pelican feeding her young from the blood of her breast centered below a ribbon bearing the War Between the States era motto “Justice, Union and Confidence”.  This positively dates it to the War or a little before.  After the War the motto was changed to “Union, Justice and Confidence” making the point that Union was more important than Justice to the reconstruction government. 

     The plate is cast of solid brass and has a thin, sheet brass keeper hook soldered onto the back.  The casting is rather crude and the plate lacks a bench number; two things that may indicate that it is a Southern War-time copy of a pre-War belt plate.  The keeper is struck with the bench number 78.  The keeper was with this plate when I acquired it, and it fits perfectly, but since it is bench numbered and the plate is not I suspect it was not always with it, though no doubt it is original.  The plate and keeper show traces of having a thin gold wash applied, but is now mostly worn off.

     Shown along with the cast plate, (but not offered) is the pre-War die struck version from which it was copied.  It is a masterpiece of the die sinkers art.  The die struck plate is filled with pewter to give it strength.




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