Columbus Depot

Canvas CS Riflemanís Box


Description and Photograph







    The Southís primary source of painted waterproof cloth was in Columbus, Georgia and this box almost certainly was made by one of the various manufacturers associated with the Columbus Depot.  In comparing it with other marked examples, I am virtually certain that it was made by T.N. Crown.

     This painted canvas riflemanís cartridge box is a wonderful example of Confederate resourcefulness during the War Between the States.  The outer body and flap are made from a doubled sewn layer of painted, waterproof canvas.  The end panels utilized leather.  Each inner flap and the tool pouch are made from a single layer of painted canvas.  The now missing closure tabs were made of leather.  The closure finial is brass.  The outer flap, inner flaps and tool pouch are virtually perfect.  Two close up pictures show very small areas where the canvas surface was touched up.  The canvas is flexible, the tins intact, the stitching tight.  Because of their fragile nature these rare boxes are very hard to find in any condition, but this is one of the finest condition Confederate canvas cartridge boxes one will ever see.

     This exact box is shown on page 90 of Collecting the Confederacy




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