Confederate Made

Navy Sized Holster


Description and Photograph





     The navy sized holster shown here is pure Confederate; never has any holster had more quintessentially Confederate manufacturer traits.  First and foremost, it has a lead closure finial.  Virtually always when a holster shows up on the market with a lead finial, it can be determined with careful inspection that the finial was excavated and recently installed into the holster.  This has so often been the case when I examined holsters that I had doubted that a holster with an original lead finial even existed, but this one has convinced me that they did indeed make them in limited numbers.  The second Confederate trait is that the belt loop has an iron roller buckle to allow it to be put on, or taken off the belt without removing the other accoutrements.  Here is the holsterís only imperfection; the stitching holding the top ranger to the body had pulled loose and has been reattached with copper wire.  This is a modern repair, but cannot be seen without unbuckling the belt and lifting the ranger.  And the last Confederate trait is that the holsterís toe is open, never having been plugged or stitched.

     The holster is super soft and flexible and all stitching is tight except as noted above.  One could not possibly get a more quintessentially Confederate holster to display with their Confederate made, or Confederate used .36 Caliber Navy Revolver.     




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