Painted linen Case & Telescope


Description and Photograph





     The brass telescope shown here is in its original painted linen carrying case.  The four part telescope when extended is twenty-five inches long and eight when collapsed.  The outer body is covered with pushes and dings, showing that it had a very active and hard life.  A tin cap fits over the large end for storage in the painted linen case. 

     I make no claims to being an expert in optics and I cannot say with certainty that the telescope is Confederate.  I am offering it as a decorative prop not as a true Confederate antique.  However, painted cloth accoutrements are frequently associated with Confederate use so the painted case does suggest a Confederate heritage; the strap is folded over and sewn along one edge like a Confederate canteen strap.  A clay or porcelain button is sewn to the case’s end cap.  The over the shoulder strap is strong enough to place it, with the telescope inside, on a mannequin.          




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