Richmond Armory

Two Band Carbine


Description and Photograph





     The carbine shown here was produced in 1863 by the Richmond Armory.  It has the standard Richmond brass nose cap and brass butt plate.  With the exception of the ramrod, the carbine is completely original and as issued, even including the front, middle and rear sling swivels.  You will notice from the pictures that the bands have been stamped with the letter “U” to indicate which way to turn the band when reassembling.  The “U” stamped into the Richmond made band is not in line with the spring band retainer whereas Federal bands line up with the spring retainer.  Another Richmond two band carbine characteristic is that the front band spring is an eighth of an inch shorter than the rear spring.  By these characteristics we can identify the lock, stock, barrel, bands, the brass butt plate and nose cap as being original to this gun.

     This carbine’s barrel has the elongated site groove found only on Richmond manufactured barrels.  The strong “ghost” around the sight base shows that even the sight is original to the carbine.  The breech of the barrel is stamped with the broken “P” proof mark.  This is a result of the armory having utilized a broken die to stamp the proof mark.  The breech is also stamped with the “V” and the eagle head inspection marks.  The year 1863 was stamped into the lock using a die with severe damage to the “8”.  

     There is a tiny, almost imperceptible, CS stamped into the top of the breech flat.  The mark is definitely original, but it is not a standard Richmond mark and it adds no value to the gun, it is just a nice freebie; this same CS is sometimes found on the blades of McElroy foot artillery sword.  The significance is unknown.

     The carbine is in very good overall condition.  There is very little pitting around the breach and the markings on the left breech flat remain clear and crisp.  The wood throughout is excellent, having only minor nicks and dings.  The ramrod is a reproduction; otherwise the carbine is completely original, as made at the Armory, right down to the sling swivels and rear sight.  The three groove rifling remains strong and has very little pitting.  The lock still works smoothly. 

     The metal surfaces have a deep, almost black untouched patina and though dark, this example is one of the nicer original Richmond carbines that I have examined.                                                                              



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