“Pointed Serif Virginia Style”

CS Cavalryman’s Belt


Description and Photograph




Now we have a verbal chain of provenance back to the Steve Mullinax collection.

     I would not at first have thought of this pattern as a “rare” pattern, relative to other CS two piece buckles, but after looking through pictures of hundreds Confederate belts and buckles that I have owned, I have changed my mind.  I found that I have only owned one other.  This was quite a surprise.

     These were made in Richmond, Virginia, perhaps under contract to the Richmond Arsenal and issued with enlisted swords, but it seems to be so rare that perhaps it was made under contract for one of Richmond’s sword makers; Boyle & Gamble or Burger Brothers for sale with their swords.

     With the exception of the intentionally removed sword hangers, this example is perfect, and I mean perfect in every way.  It is impossible that a better example (with the exception of the aforementioned hangers) exists anywhere.  The belt is soft and supple; the stitching is complete and tight.  It even retains the belt keepers and the leather thong that was used to tie the adjustment position in place. 

     If, like most, you can do without the hanger straps, this is the very best and is priced exceptionally well at $9,900.00.




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