Griswold & Gunnison


Description and Photograph





      The gun is the way it left G&G or a Confederate Armory; it has had no modern restoration.  The barrel section is serial number 415, the grip is 415, the rammer is  unnumbered, but is original G&G in my opinion, definitely not Colt and is definitely original to this gun.  The grip stock is faintly numbered 415 also.  You can see the distinctive swoop of a G&G in the back strap form, but it is a Colt back strap that was bent to accommodate the G&G stock.  The frame, trigger guard and back strap are Colt number 15095, dating it to an 1863 production; the cylinder is Colt, but the serial cannot be read.

     This gun is exactly as used with the exception that I replaced the hand so that the action would turn the cylinder.

     This is so much more Confederate than a JS anchor marked Kerr, yet it can be purchased for only $4,500.00.




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