Confederate States

Army Revolver Holster


Description and Photograph




    Shown here is a Confederate manufactured holster for a Colt Army sized revolver.  It has the distinguishing closed/sewn toe and bulbous brass finial common to CS holsters.  It is in super condition, it could not be stronger, or fit nicer.

     The holster has a conversion that I have never seen, and though I like to stick to history and loathe referencing popular culture, I am going to make an exception.  I cannot help but think of Josie Wales (my favorite Clint Eastwood character and one of my favorite movies) when I contemplate it.  The top of the holster has been cut to allow the revolver to be carried at full cock!  There can be no reason for this dangerous alteration other than the desperate need of the wearer to draw and fire quickly. 

     We often say “if only this one could talk” but my goodness, “if only this one could talk”?  Was the wearer a scout?  Guerilla?  Certainly he was one who placed himself in dire circumstances far beyond that of an ordinary cavalryman.  This would be ideal for a scout or Guerilla display.                        




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