Confederate States Armory,

Kenansville, N.C.  Saber Bayonet


Description and Photograph





     The name implies that the manufactory was a Confederate government operation, but it was privately owned and operated.  Records show that Froelich made pikes, buttons, saber bayonets, navy and artillery cutlasses, belts, knapsacks, cap boxes, cartridge boxes and swords for North Carolina, the Confederate Government and for private sale.  They made their saber bayonets to sell to the state of North Carolina to accompany the rifles that the state purchased from local North Carolina gun makers, such as the Asheville Armory; Clapp, Gates and Co.; Gilliam and Miller; Henry C. Lamb and Co.; Mendenhall, Jones and Gardner; Searcy and Moore; and the Florence Armory.

          This relic condition bayonet was part of the John McAden, Jr. collection and is featured in Louis Froelich, Arms Maker to the Confederacy by the authors John McAden, Jr. and Chris Fonvielle, Jr.  The bayonet comes with a copy of the book in which it is published.     




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