CS Tin Canteen

with Original Strap


Description and Photograph




     Variations of tin drum canteens were manufactured before, during and after the War, so most tin drum canteens cannot, even if they are from the mid nineteenth century, be identified specifically as Confederate.  Sometimes a Confederate identified sling or a name scratched into a canteenís face can positively identify it as Confederate, but most have to be considered militia, be it Southern or Northern.  There are two exceptions to this rule; the tin drum canteen that has CS impressed into its face and the style that has a flat back and a convex front.  The only period in which the flat back and convex front was produced was during the War Between the States, and they were only produced by the Confederacy.

     The canteen shown here is one of the positively Confederate examples.  It has the flat back and convex front.  This lovely example also retains its original carrying strap and spout.  A name is scratched into the canteenís face, but I have been unable to make it out.  The canteen shows lots of wear and dings from heavy use, but remains in excellent condition.  The strap is unquestionably original and is strong enough to use today, there are no weak places.  The strap is the proper length for an infantryman.  It displays beautifully and comes with the display stand shown in the images.  Notice the old collection tag, when it was put on, the canteen sold for $7.50!




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