Rectangular Leech & Rigdon

                                                                                        Sword Belt Buckle                                         


Description and Photograph




     The two piece sword belt buckle shown here is arguably the most desirable of the Confederate general service buckles.  Its visual appeal, history and extreme rarity has led collectors to seek it for a lifetime and still be disappointed.  Surviving photographs of cavalrymen and officer’s wearing sword belts fastened with this rare buckle, attached to Leech & Rigdon swords leave no doubt that this is a Leech & Rigdon made pattern.  It is also significant to note that like some of their other two piece patterns, these come in a small, medium and large belt loop variety.

     This particular example was excavated in the mid 1990s by Charles Pierce, now deceased.  His family relates that he excavated it in north Greensboro, North Carolina at a place once known locally as “Red Cross”.  The plate is in perfect condition and has only been rinsed of the loose soil, leaving an extremely heavy natural patina.     




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